Monday, January 4, 2010

Shores of Galilee

Lunch at Ein-Gev and Out to Sea

"Here's looking at you." Your lunch, that is. We had lunch at Ein-Gev on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. This is called a St. Peter's fish (in the Tilapia family). This is believed to be the fish which Peter caught with a shekel coin in its mouth. The Ein-Gev Kibbutz began in 1937. The popular restaurant is on the shore near the ruins of the city Hippos on the nearby hilltop of Sussita. Across the lake is the city of Tiberias.

Here Sid Roth, who organized the tour, speaks to our two boats as they met in the center of the Sea of Galilee. Click on each picture for a full-screen high-resolution image.

We are headed out the the center of the lake. The Sea of Galilee is about 700 feet below sea level and is the lowest fresh water lake in the world. The mountains of the Golan Heights int he background rise to more than 2500 feet above sea level. Notice the beautiful shore line.

In the distance are the hills of Galilee which rise to about 1400 feet above sea level.

An old boat at the docks at the Ein-Gev Kibbutz.

Gulls follow our boat back to the Ein-Gev Kibbutz.

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